For Questions 1 to 5,select one entry for each blank from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text.

Questions 6 and 7 are based on the following reading passage.

I enjoyed A Dream of Light & Shadow: Portraits of Latin American Women Writers for the same reasons that, as a child, I avidly consumed women’s biographies: the fascination with how the biographical details of another female’s life are represented and interpreted. A Dream offers a rich read, varies in both the lives and texts if the women portrayed, and the perspectives and styles of the sixteen essayists. Yet, as an adult, I have come to demand of any really “great” book a self-consciousness about the tenuous nature of representations of reality, a critical contextualization of florid detail, and a self-awareness of the role of ideology in our lives. In these critical senses, A Dream is inadequate.

For the following question, consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply.


For Question 8,enter your answer in the answer box(es) below the question.

•Your answer may be an integer, a decimal ,or a fraction, and it may be negative. •If a question asks for a fraction, there will be two boxes-one for the numerator and one for the denominator. •Equivalent forms of the correct answer, such as 2.5 and 2.50, are all correct. Fractions do not need to be reduced to lowest terms. •Enter the exact answer unless the question asks you to round your answer.

A symbol that appears more than once in a question has the same meaning throughout the question.
A, B, and C are three rectangles. The length and width of rectangle A are 10 percent greater and 10 percent less, respectively, than the length and width of rectangle C. The length and width of rectangle B are 20 percent greater and 20 percent less, respectively, than the length and width of rectangle C.

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